June 12th, 2015 by grant

Tonight we met Jim & Kelly at Ozumo in Oakland for the Japanese Beer month dinner. 6 courses and they were all wonderful. The dessert/beer combo was the big surprise.

Blue Fin Tuna Belly, Golden Caviar & Pickled Vegetable Tama No Megumi Tokyo Pale Ale

Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager Salt Cured Mackerel, Momiji Oroshi, Fried Lemon & Passion Fuit Gelee

Kurobuta Pork, Green Tea Mustard & Crisy Quail Egg Ozeno Yukidoke IPA

Baeren Schwarz Dark Lager Sea Urchin, Snow Crab, Confit Garlic, Ginger & Inaniwa Udon Noodles

Flourless Chocolate Cake, Green Tea Ice Cream & Blueberry Compote Echigo Red Ale

ozumo_01 ozumo_12


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October 25th, 2014 by grant

Paul & Brenda invited us to go wine tasting in Livermore. We have never been there so we jumped at the chance.

livermore_001 livermore_012

Murrietta’s Well was our first stop.

Hank Hank

On to Wente. We had to get past Hank though (major dogmeat).

livermore_005 livermore_004

Lunch was at Uncle Yu’s.

Carb Meat Cheese Puffs livermore_007

Tea Smoked Duck Crispy Eggplant

And finally Tenuta Wines.

livermore_010 livermore_011

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October 23rd, 2014 by grant

Last time I was here was 2008. I brought a gigantic DSLR and tripod. This time I used a tiny G1X2 and a travel tripod.


lds_2014_01 dpp_hdr_front_fountain

I did try a HDR software that came with the Canon RAW package.

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October 13th, 2014 by grant

I’ve tried to shoot them a couple of times as they took off from the Oakland airport during their practice runs. Sunday after we got home from the wedding we made the last minute decision to ferry into the City to photograph the Blue Angels. Like an idiot I thought I would be the only one with this bright idea. The lines were so long and there was a serious delay in the ferry schedule. Just as we were pulling out of Oakland the show started. The outside seats were packed and with the roar of the Blue Angels, everyone rushed to the rails of the ferry and I was left behind a bunch of tall people using their ding dang camera phones!

blue_angels_01 blue_angels_02

blue_angels_03 blue_angels_04

I didn’t get very good photos but it was an experience. We were not allowed to stay on the ferry to do a round trip so after exiting and walking to the end of what appeared to be a 300-person line we decided to walk from Pier 41 to Pier 1 and bus it back home. What I thought would be a couple hour trip turned into a 6 hour journey.

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September 11th, 2014 by grant

As a civilian, I’ve always felt there isn’t much I could do to honor the 1st responders who rushed into the tragic situation of 9/11. Sandy gave me the idea to photograph our local fire department. It was my most ambitious project to date. I contacted the local fire department and made arrangements for a photo shoot last Saturday. Unfortunately there was a paramedic call just as we got there so that left only 3 firemen.

May I present to you Captain Matt Nielsen, Jeff & Stephen of Alameda Fire Station 4.


It was challenging to light up a fire engine, it took 5 speedlites, which I’ve never done. Of course that ate up quite a bit of time.

AFD_shoot_04 AFD_shoot_06

AFD_shoot_10 AFD_shoot_09

AFD_shoot_05 AFD_shoot_07

AFD_shoot_03 AFD_shoot_01

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June 14th, 2014 by grant

Last night I heard there was going to be a fireworks display after the game. It took almost an hour for the action to start. My little G1X2 did alright. Unfortunately they all pretty much look  the same. So I’ll just post this.


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June 8th, 2014 by grant

I have no idea who these women are or what event this is, but it woke me up so I had to shoot them. Okay after some research I found out its the Mermaid Series.

bike_ride_01 bike_ride_02

bike_ride_03 bike_ride_04

bike_ride_05 bike_ride_06

bike_ride_07 bike_ride_08

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June 7th, 2014 by grant

I’m trying to keep busy since Sandy is in the Philippines, so tonight I went to the Rhythmix Island Arts to watch: Lumago Lampas. I got permission to bring my camera sans flash. I’ve never been to the space so I had no idea what to expect. The colored spotlights drove me nuts. I finally settled in on ISO 6400 with a 5omm f1.4 lens.

lumago_lampas_04 lumago_lampas_03 lumago_lampas_01

lumago_lampas_07 lumago_lampas_02

lumago_lampas_10 lumago_lampas_08

lumago_lampas_06 lumago_lampas_05 lumago_lampas_09

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June 7th, 2014 by grant

Sand Castle Competition at Robert Crown Memorial State Beach. Unfortunately these things usually happen at the worst time with regard to lighting. Don’t they know?

sand_castle_01 sand_castle_02

sand_castle_03 sand_castle_04

sand_castle_05 sand_castle_06

sand_castle_07 sand_castle_08

sand_castle_09 sand_castle_10

sand_castle_11 sand_castle_12

sand_castle_13 sand_castle_14

sand_castle_15 sand_castle_16

sand_castle_17 sand_castle_19

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May 18th, 2014 by grant

We stopped by South Shore today to check out the Alameda Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Festival.

api_2014_01 api_2014_07

api_2014_08 api_2014_05

api_2014_11 api_2014_02

api_2014_03 api_2014_04

api_2014_06 api_2014_09

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March 1st, 2014 by grant

I stumbled on a glass blowing studio in Alameda. I asked the owner Prax if I could do a shoot. He graciously agreed.


prax_05 prax_04 prax_02

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January 11th, 2014 by grant

During my annual PBS pledge drive I happen to receive a gift certificate for Elizabeth Spencer Wines. Well today we decided to redeem it and what better couple to take with us than Paul & Brenda.

elizabeth_spencer_02 elizabeth_spencer_04

elizabeth_spencer_10 elizabeth_spencer_09

elizabeth_spencer_05 elizabeth_spencer_06

elizabeth_spencer_07 elizabeth_spencer_08

We walked out of there with a nice cab and then shuttled over to Long Meadow Ranch for lunch.

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January 3rd, 2014 by grant

We finally made it over to Oakland Zoo Lights.

zoo_lights_2014_01 zoo_lights_2014_02

zoo_lights_2014_03 zoo_lights_2014_04

zoo_lights_2014_05 zoo_lights_2014_06

zoo_lights_2014_07 zoo_lights_2014_08

zoo_lights_2014_09 zoo_lights_2014_10

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June 16th, 2013 by grant

Good news Tawny is in town for the SF Marathon on Sunday (½ marathon). She arrived with macaroons in hand! Saturday we took the bus into the city to pick up her bib and check out the farmers market at the Ferry Building. Then we drove to Napa for lunch at Morimoto’s.

tawny_08 tawny_03

tawny_06 tawny_05

tawny_09 tawny_10

tawny_04 tawny_07

In the evening Geo landed on a flight from Manila, so we were a foursome. Sunday Tawny forced us to drop her off at the start line at 5:00AM. By 7:15AM she crossed the finish line, her personal best BTW.

tawny_02 tawny_01

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May 27th, 2013 by grant

My local annual tradition.

mem_2013_01 mem_2013_02

mem_2013_03 mem_2013_04

mem_2013_05 mem_2013_06

mem_2013_07 mem_2013_08

mem_2013_09 mem_2013_10

mem_2013_11 mem_2013_12

mem_2013_13 mem_2013_14

mem_2013_15 mem_2013_16

mem_2013_17 mem_2013_18

mem_2013_19 mem_2013_20

mem_2013_21 mem_2013_22

mem_2013_23 mem_2013_24

mem_2013_25 mem_2013_26

mem_2013_27 mem_2013_28

mem_2013_29 mem_2013_30

mem_2013_31 mem_2013_32

mem_2013_33 mem_2013_34

mem_2013_35 mem_2013_36

mem_2013_37 mem_2013_38

mem_2013_39 mem_2013_40

mem_2013_41 mem_2013_42

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer. — General Patton


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