April 16th, 2016 by grant

Last night we went to San Francisco City Hall to photograph the bunny exhibit.

bunnies_01 bunnies_02

bunnies_03 bunnies_04

bunnies_05 bunnies_06

December 28th, 2015 by grant

On vacay this week. The weather was gloomy so rather than post flat color photos, everything gets converted to B&W. I even added some noise on a couple.


newark_02 newark_03

newark_05 newark_04a

newark_07 newark_06

November 11th, 2015 by grant

It always irritated me having to work on Veteran’s Day, so this year I took the day off. I started off at Golden Gate Cemetery.

vets_day_2015_01 vets_day_2015_02

vets_day_2015_03 vets_day_2015_04

vets_day_2015_05 vets_day_2015_06

vets_day_2015_08 vets_day_2015_07

vets_day_2015_09 vets_day_2015_10

vets_day_2015_11 vets_day_2015_12

vets_day_2015_14 vets_day_2015_13

vets_day_2015_15 vets_day_2015_16

vets_day_2015_17 vets_day_2015_18

vets_day_2015_19 vets_day_2015_20

I only shot a few at the Presido Cemetery.

vets_day_2015_21 vets_day_2015_22


October 18th, 2015 by grant

This evening I visited the Palace of Fine Arts. I saw several photoshoots while I was there and was quite shocked to see most of the photographers were not using strobes.

palace_01 palace_02

palace_03 palace_04

palace_06 palace_07




October 16th, 2015 by grant

I just love photographing the carnival lights.

hayward_carnival_01 hayward_carnival_02

hayward_carnival_03 hayward_carnival_04

hayward_carnival_05 hayward_carnival_06

October 10th, 2015 by grant

Had to work in the area so I took my camera. Traffic was horrible and I didn’t stay to see the Blue Angels.

fleet_02 fleet_01

fleet_05 fleet_03

fleet_08 fleet_04

fleet_06 fleet_07

September 12th, 2015 by grant

I checked out the open house at the Crucible. I couldn’t stay long, I was hoping for a fire show.

crucible_03 crucible_04

crucible_02 crucible_01

August 8th, 2015 by grant

Been wanting to come here for quite awhile, so after my Canon Macro class (right across the street) we had a lovely dinner.

perbacco_01 perbacco_02

perbacco_03 perbacco_04

July 19th, 2015 by grant

This year’s reunion was here in San Francisco. Friday night was the dinner party at the Hilton by SFO.


The family was so big I had to shoot a 2 photo pano. I had forgotten to bring an omnidirectional light modifier and only had a softbox. No stress there.

barin_07 barin_04

barin_03 barin_06

barin_08 barin_09

barin_10 barin_11

barin_01 barin_12

barin_22 barin_20

barin_13 barin_14

barin_23 barin_25

barin_26 barin_53

barin_56 barin_54

barin_58 barin_60

barin_62 barin_61

barin_64 barin_63

barin_67 barin_66

Saturday was the picnic at Frontierland in Pacifica.

barin_28 barin_29

barin_30 barin_31

barin_32 barin_33

barin_34 barin_36

barin_35 barin_37

barin_38 barin_51

barin_40 barin_41

barin_42 barin_43

barin_44 barin_45

barin_46 barin_47

barin_48 barin_49

barin_50 barin_52

June 12th, 2015 by grant

Tonight we met Jim & Kelly at Ozumo in Oakland for the Japanese Beer month dinner. 6 courses and they were all wonderful. The dessert/beer combo was the big surprise.

Blue Fin Tuna Belly, Golden Caviar & Pickled Vegetable Tama No Megumi Tokyo Pale Ale

Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager Salt Cured Mackerel, Momiji Oroshi, Fried Lemon & Passion Fuit Gelee

Kurobuta Pork, Green Tea Mustard & Crisy Quail Egg Ozeno Yukidoke IPA

Baeren Schwarz Dark Lager Sea Urchin, Snow Crab, Confit Garlic, Ginger & Inaniwa Udon Noodles

Flourless Chocolate Cake, Green Tea Ice Cream & Blueberry Compote Echigo Red Ale

ozumo_01 ozumo_12