Smoking Brisket Island

Tom offered up a brisket that he didn’t have time to cook. I agreed thinking it was gonna be a flat. To my surprise it was a whole brisket, 11 lbs of beef! It was too big for my dutch oven so I cut it in half thinking I was going to do one in the oven and one on the grill. I couldn’t find the ingredients for the pomegranate braised version so I did both on the grill. I was naive and started it at 1:00 PM, which means I was smoking well into the night. The flat didn’t turn out as tender as I wanted, but the point side so excellent. Not bad for a 1st time.

We had brisket, rice & brussel sprouts for dinner. Thanks Tom.

9/11 Alan

The pandemic sucked on so many levels so I won’t enumerate on all of that. There were a few good things to come of that though. I’ve met some great neighbors and one of them is Alan. He’s been responsible for my beer education while filling me up with Costco food. A truly generous man. We’ve been celebrated Alan’s birthday for the past 2 days. His actual birthday is 9/11. Happy Birthday my friend.