Firestone Beer

I found a 12% beer. This should fit in quite well for next Happy Hour.

Eagles ghosted me

Since I was lucky enough to spot the Eagles yesterday I knew I wouldn’t see them today. They were uncooperative models. You get what you paid for I guess.

Eagle Scout

During happy hour last night Jenny gave me an idea of where to photograph the Alameda Bald Eagles. These photos aren’t that great, but I can see how this can become an obsession with me.

Oakland United Beerworks

For today’s happy hour I picked up a few in Oakland.

Alan gave me few to take home as well.

Smog City & Calicraft

My latest finds…

I do like beer

As I always say, what a great time to be drinking beer. When I was young there wasn’t a big selection, but now…

Green & Purple Beer

Since joining Alan’s Happy Hour group. I’ve been searching out unusual beers. My latest finds, a green matcha IPA and a purple ale.

Noah is not puppy anymore

Noah is getting huge… This was taken Jan 1st 2023.