Laoiza’s Soccer Game

Josue invited me to shoot his daughters Laoiza’s game but the rain kept me away, til yesterday. It was incredibly difficult to shoot the fast moving action.

Sister Reunion

Last night we had a small family reunion at Jon & Kathy’s. I can’t remember laughing so hard observing the elder facetime session. The last time they got together was in March 2013.


Recently Alan got me a 4 pack of Chimay. I have yet to crack one open.

Last weekend we went down to LA and Hester & Don gifted me a bottle of 291 Rye Whiskey from Colorado. While there I visited my favorite Tokyo Central and got a new pair of Japanese beer to try out.

Valentines Day 2023

This year we visited Ceron Kitchen here in Alameda.

Hummer hangout

Weather has been bad the past couple of days. During a break when the sun popped out I shot the hummers.


My 1st attempt at making one of my favorite breads was a face down in the dirt fail. It was flat, raw in the center and burnt on the edges. Sandy encouraged me to try again. As it turns out that was a case of bad/old yeast. This morning my 2nd attempt came out so much better. Unfortunately this process takes about 14 hours, but the results are amazing… when you use good yeast.

I can’t stand the thought of throwing away food so I fed the racoony & the crow the bad bread. Apparently they have low standards for focaccia.

Federation Brewing

I stopped by Federation Brewing to pickup a few for Happy Hour.

Hitachino & Einstök

Sandy brought a beer/whiskey (?) home yesterday. I will share that at the next happy hour. I’m also working on my setup so I can photograph these quickly, so I shot one of my favorite Einstök Porter & a Don Papa Rum.

Noisy Bald Eagle shoot

I went out early to shoot the sunrise but it was horrible. On my way back home one of the bald eagles flew over my head. I took that as a signal and grabbed my other camera and headed out. Unfortunately the sun light was dim so I had the ISO cranked up to 2000, which resulted in some very noisy images. Topaz Denoise AI software to the rescue.