October 24th, 2015 by grant

This year Noah & Nico went with a Star Wars theme. I was happy to shoot this… well actually it was quite a bit of work. Because it is difficult to predict these kids movement I choose to shoot them individually and composite them into a scene. Of course right in the middle of the […]

October 18th, 2015 by grant

This evening I visited the Palace of Fine Arts. I saw several photoshoots while I was there and was quite shocked to see most of the photographers were not using strobes.    

October 16th, 2015 by grant

I just love photographing the carnival lights.

October 11th, 2015 by grant

Random stuff from today…

October 10th, 2015 by grant

Had to work in the area so I took my camera. Traffic was horrible and I didn’t stay to see the Blue Angels.

October 10th, 2015 by grant

Killed 3 spiders in my house last night. They look like small brown thingies but when you photograph them all these detail come alive. Unfortunately this 32 image stack is problematic. The depth of field is so small (hence the 32 images) the out of focus areas appear very large. This can be seen if […]

October 5th, 2015 by grant

Happens every Monday morning. The crows go dumpster diving.

October 4th, 2015 by grant

While we were in Reno we visited the Animal Ark. We didn’t get there til midday so I have too many photos of sleeping animals which I will not post.

October 4th, 2015 by grant

Nuf sed… I wish I had 1/10th of his talent.