March 18th, 2013 by grant

Last Saturday we said goodbye to Uncle John. He just missed his 90th Birthday. Family came in from all over the world to pay their respects. I just captured a few shots…

VY9A7855_sm VY9A7879_sm

VY9A7882_sm VY9A7888_sm

VY9A7896_sm VY9A7900_sm

VY9A7901_sm VY9A7910_sm

VY9A7913_sm VY9A7915_sm

VY9A7918_sm VY9A7919_sm

VY9A7928_sm VY9A7929_sm

VY9A7932_sm VY9A7933_sm

VY9A7934_sm VY9A7944_sm




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