October 20th, 2013 by grant

I wanted to shoot Noah in his Halloween costume as we won’t be able to see him Thursday night. Since he is a cowboy this year, I thought the perfect place would be Heinold’s in Jack London Square. I inspected the location earlier and had everything planned out. Of course Noah had a different plan in mind. I found myself chasing him everywhere with a camera in one hand and the softbox in the other. I need to rethink that approach for next time.


noah_last_chance_06_sm noah_last_chance_sm_03

noah_last_chance_05_sm noah_last_chance_composite_sm_04


3 Responses to “Noah is a cowboy”

  1. Umm, the sign says no person under 21 years of age. This cowboy needs to take his wolf and ride somewhere else.

  2. Love this boy 🙂
    So cute!

  3. These are great pictures.

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