December 22nd, 2013 by grant

Tonight I had an appointment with Nico. He was more interested in eating than posing for photos.


Okay a week later take 2. I tried something different, a Gary Fong collapsibleĀ  powersnoot.

VY9A1912_fix_sm VY9A1907_fix_bw_sm

VY9A1895_fix_sm VY9A1886_fix_bw_sm

VY9A1877_fix_sm VY9A1851_fix_sm

VY9A1839_fix_sm VY9A1817_fix_sm

VY9A1785_fix_bw_sm VY9A1781_fix_sm

3 Responses to “Nico Yuen”

  1. Makes me want to have another one! So cute!

  2. The photos nearly capture his cuteness. Need to git that dog outta there!

  3. No Koa is Nico guardian.

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