October 13th, 2014 by grant

I’ve tried to shoot them a couple of times as they took off from the Oakland airport during their practice runs. Sunday after we got home from the wedding we made the last minute decision to ferry into the City to photograph the Blue Angels. Like an idiot I thought I would be the only one with this bright idea. The lines were so long and there was a serious delay in the ferry schedule. Just as we were pulling out of Oakland the show started. The outside seats were packed and with the roar of the Blue Angels, everyone rushed to the rails of the ferry and I was left behind a bunch of tall people using their ding dang camera phones!

blue_angels_01 blue_angels_02

blue_angels_03 blue_angels_04

I didn’t get very good photos but it was an experience. We were not allowed to stay on the ferry to do a round trip so after exiting and walking to the end of what appeared to be a 300-person line we decided to walk from Pier 41 to Pier 1 and bus it back home. What I thought would be a couple hour trip turned into a 6 hour journey.

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