October 24th, 2015 by grant

This year Noah & Nico went with a Star Wars theme. I was happy to shoot this… well actually it was quite a bit of work. Because it is difficult to predict these kids movement I choose to shoot them individually and composite them into a scene. Of course right in the middle of the shoot Nico decides to remove his head piece.  I had no confidence I could produce anything usable while we were shooting.

star_wars_02c star_wars_02b star_wars_02a

star_wars_02 star_wars_composite_02_1365


3 composites for Koa, just 2 for Noah and 3 for Nico. Total time including driving 4.5 hrs. In the end I just choose a simple black background, instead of photographing a forest background like I planned. Yes I got lazy.

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