November 11th, 2015 by grant

It always irritated me having to work on Veteran’s Day, so this year I took the day off. I started off at Golden Gate Cemetery.

vets_day_2015_01 vets_day_2015_02

vets_day_2015_03 vets_day_2015_04

vets_day_2015_05 vets_day_2015_06

vets_day_2015_08 vets_day_2015_07

vets_day_2015_09 vets_day_2015_10

vets_day_2015_11 vets_day_2015_12

vets_day_2015_14 vets_day_2015_13

vets_day_2015_15 vets_day_2015_16

vets_day_2015_17 vets_day_2015_18

vets_day_2015_19 vets_day_2015_20

I only shot a few at the Presido Cemetery.

vets_day_2015_21 vets_day_2015_22


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