November 12th, 2016 by grant

This year Nico celebrated his 3rd birthday at Tilden Park Steam Train.

nico_bday_2016_01 nico_bday_2016_02

nico_bday_2016_03 nico_bday_2016_04

nico_bday_2016_06 nico_bday_2016_07

nico_bday_2016_09 nico_bday_2016_08

nico_bday_2016_11 nico_bday_2016_10

nico_bday_2016_11 nico_bday_2016_13

nico_bday_2016_14 nico_bday_2016_15

nico_bday_2016_16 nico_bday_2016_17

nico_bday_2016_18 nico_bday_2016_19

nico_bday_2016_20 nico_bday_2016_21

Later we went to Fenton’s for lunch.

nico_bday_2016_23 nico_bday_2016_24

nico_bday_2016_28 nico_bday_2016_25

nico_bday_2016_27 nico_bday_2016_26

nico_bday_2016_29 nico_bday_2016_30

nico_bday_2016_31 nico_bday_2016_32


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