March 12th, 2017 by grant

My variable ND filter fiasco lead me to try a Fotodiox Sony adapter. Now I can use any of my Canon lenses on my Sony which is cool but more importantly it has a built in variable ND filter.

A week ago I made an attempt to go to Alamere Falls but I wasn’t quite prepared and I took the wrong trail and ended up coming back without any photos. This time I returned with Sandy and we took the proper route. It was a long haul (13mi round trip) full of flora & small critters.

Using the Fotodiox adapter was challenging as the auto focus did not work so I had to manually focus in bright sunlight on a LCD screen.

I was using a new Sony A6500 and like a dumbass I neglected to set it to raw capture, so my post processing was limited.

The tide was too high to get a good angle on the lower falls, which meant I ran out in between waves to get a mediocre shot.

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