April 14th, 2009 by grant

I’ve been wanting to go here ever since I saw the photos from Google Earth. This is a hard place to describe. It’s a dog park, junkyard, urban art gallery, homeless camp kinda place. I was inspired by Tawny’s graffiti hike. I strolled the wilderness looking for and finally finding the most unusual artwork.

albany_01_sm albany_02_sm albany_03_sm


albany_04_sm albany_05_sm albany_06_sm

albany_07_sm albany_08_sm albany_09_sm

albany_16_sm albany_17_sm albany_18_sm

albany_10_sm albany_11_sm albany_12_sm

albany_13_sm albany_14_sm albany_15_sm

albany_19_sm albany_20_sm albany_21_sm


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  1. My coworker Hugh used to tell me about this place. It’s not exactly like I imagined it. Very cool.

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