July 4th, 2009 by grant


Just to prove you don’t need a big DSLR camera to capture fireworks. Here’s a few from Sandy shot with her compact SD880IS propped up on her knee.

4th_of_july_2009k_sm 4th_of_july_2009j_sm

4th_of_july_2009i_sm 4th_of_july_2009h_sm

4th_of_july_2009g_sm 4th_of_july_2009b_sm

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday… to us”

  1. Oh – beautiful shot.

  2. Sandy rocks. 🙂

  3. thedude’s too kind.

  4. sans…u do quake a bit!

  5. man, we shoulda hooked up with you guys…we didn’t see any fireworks! just were kept up with the noise of them all night in sf…koa was not pleased.

  6. say that again… my sistah took these shots???
    amazing shots! good work V !!!

  7. OMG U R only a month behind!

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