December 5th, 2009 by grant

Last night, we decided that we would eat breakfast at home instead of going out since as Sandy put it, “We have some SPAM that’s been in the cupboard for some time.” As I was preparing breakfast this morning I happen to glance at the bottom of the can…

spam_01_sm spam_02_sm

If I fail to update my blog by next week please send someone over to the house, because it probably means we died of SPAM poisoning. Actually I feel SPAM will never expire and would love to do a 10 year experiment. Kinda like what the Chinese do with eggs. So everyone is invited to our place on December 2019 for breakfast. I’ll be serving 10 year old SPAM, eggs & rice.


On another note we’ve been letting Judy’s wings grow out which means she’s flying a lot more. This morning, probably to get away from the smell of expired SPAM she took flight. After a few minutes we found her motionless on the rug above the stairs.

3 Responses to “Damn SPAM & Flying Burd”

  1. OMG! Is that the SPAM from KOREA???? Judy, I am coming to give you a wingcut…

  2. so where do i sign up for this SPAM experiment?

  3. I’ll be there. I love spam! 🙂

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