Harrigan Goodbye

Paul & Brenda are moving to NV and today is their farewell party they asked we keep it simple, so a 🍕. I forgot to take any photos😤. As a parting gift they gave Sandy a Meyer lemon tree… and I got a bag of dirt.

Underneath the bag of dirt was a bottle of scotch.

Treasure Island

Today I wanted to checkout Treecraft Distillery on TI, but 1st lunch at Mersea.

San Diego June 2022

We took a trip down south to celebrate Ysa/Brannon engagement and Maxie’s Graduation.

While Sandy was at church Tawny & I stumbled on to a cool breakfast spot.


After working in Monterey I saw these folks floating on the air, so I had to stop and photograph them.

We’re Wining…

Paul & Brenda were nice enough to invite us on a wine tasting excursion. Ledson, St Anne’s Crossing & Ty Caton Vineyards. We also had a great lunch at Salt and Stone.