May 25th, 2015 by grant

This year I chose to shoot the Memorial Ceremony at the Mountain View Cemetery in Piedmont. The overcast day made for some flat photos, but in the true spirit of the day who cares. It was a touching event.

memorial_day_2015_28 memorial_day_2015_27

memorial_day_2015_24 memorial_day_2015_08

memorial_day_2015_02 memorial_day_2015_06 memorial_day_2015_21

memorial_day_2015_01 memorial_day_2015_05

memorial_day_2015_03 memorial_day_2015_04

memorial_day_2015_07 memorial_day_2015_10

memorial_day_2015_11 memorial_day_2015_12

memorial_day_2015_13 memorial_day_2015_14

memorial_day_2015_15 memorial_day_2015_16

memorial_day_2015_18 memorial_day_2015_17

memorial_day_2015_19 memorial_day_2015_20

memorial_day_2015_22 memorial_day_2015_23

memorial_day_2015_25 memorial_day_2015_26

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May 24th, 2015 by grant

This past weekend we got quite a treat when we followed Jon up to Calistoga for a private concert at Jessica’s Barn. The concert was held in … a barn. The sound was not bad considering the venue. We also got to meet the Farallon Quintet. I had a flash issue which caused the group photos to be hidden from the view of anyone on this planet. Meanwhile as usual we meet the nicest folks when we tag along with Jon. Our host Michael Savage was kind enough to feed us dinner. He makes an incredible Cabernet by the way.

We spent the night in Santa Rosa and met up with Jon & Kathy for lunch at a lovely place in St Helena, the Goose and Gander. I had a great octopus dish and the dessert beet cake (no photo) was incredible.


Radish Salad Octopus

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May 17th, 2015 by grant

This caught me eye, so I spent hours off and on trying to capture it.


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May 11th, 2015 by grant

This year we made the decision to make Tonkotsu Ramen for Mother’s Day. The broth was made during 2 prior weekends as the pork bones have to be boiled for 12hrs.

IMG_2276_fix IMG_2268_fix

I was so focused on the food I forgot to take any photos other than a Aunty portrait after lunch. I was shooting into the sun so I brought out the Alien Bees strobe with a 7ft umbrella, full power.

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April 19th, 2015 by grant

This morning I decided to attempt to shoot the Yuen (Noah & Nico) boys. I choose a deck behind Harbor Bay Sports Club. As always I have a plan of how these shoots will go, but the kids are have a different agenda. The sun was right in their faces which is a no-no but I thought I would challenge myself.


noah_nico_02 noah_nico_03

noah_nico_04 noah_nico_08

noah_nico_09 noah_nico_05

noah_nico_07 noah_nico_06

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April 6th, 2015 by grant

Easter at the Yuen’s this year. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos.

easter_2015_02 easter_2015_01

easter_2015_04 easter_2015_03

easter_2015_06 easter_2015_05


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April 4th, 2015 by grant

We had to get Koa ready for Easter Sunday so a little dog polo and a mango scented bath was called for.

koa_apr_2015_09 koa_apr_2015_08

koa_apr_2015_10 koa_apr_2015_12


koa_apr_2015_06 koa_apr_2015_02

koa_apr_2015_13 koa_apr_2015_14

koa_apr_2015_03 koa_apr_2015_07

koa_apr_2015_15 koa_apr_2015_16

koa_apr_2015_17 koa_apr_2015_18

A few portraits after her spa treatment.

koa_apr_2015_19 koa_apr_2015_20

koa_apr_2015_21 koa_apr_2015_22

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March 29th, 2015 by grant

Sat out this morning coffee in one hand 7D2 in the other. Not a big fan of coots but they were very active. It must be mating season. So do they fly or walk on water?


coot_wars_05 coot_wars_04

coot_wars_03 coot_wars_02

coot_wars_06 coot_wars_07

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March 28th, 2015 by grant

Its so easy to shoot burds in our backyard. Cormorants are playful and very active. They are either diving for fish or spreading the wings in the sun.

comorant_01 comorant_02

comorant_03 comorant_04

My Sony A6000 can capture 10fps (frames per second) I’ll spare you all the poop shots but I knew he would do this, the bastard.

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March 15th, 2015 by grant

Shot this last night during dinner at a dimly lit Shakewell in Oakland. ISo 3200 – 1/200 – f2.8


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March 15th, 2015 by grant

Noticed a sow bug on the ground while I was working in the yard… So I shot em.

sow_bug_01 sow_bug_02

sow_bug_03 sow_bug_04

sow_bug_05 sow_bug_06

I can’t tell you how difficult this is. The front element of my lens (M-PE 65mm) is so close and every time it moves, I have to shift the tray then refocus. It’s a pain in the butt.

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March 15th, 2015 by grant

When we dined at Bodega Bay I had a great Lamb Shank dish. I liked it so much I did my best to duplicate it.


I have to say it came out great I think I nailed it. Braised in a whole bottle if Zin and 2.5 hrs later.

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March 15th, 2015 by grant

This year I wanted to do something different for my birthday. I wanted to relive the living under one roof, rent-a-house (Half Moon Bay) in Italy type thing. Well that didn’t quite work out so we decided on lunch instead. Luckily Rick’s friend, Francisco owns Flavors in HMB so off we went. Food was excellent, received some lovely gifts but my birthday was upstaged by Cait & Matt’s announcement. I hope to shoot engagement fotos soon.


Yes this is a composite so don’t look too closely.

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March 15th, 2015 by grant

I get most all my lenses used via Ebay and this Tamron 150-600mm is no exception. I’ve only had one opportunity to use it but shows promise. Of course when I use this on my 7D2 it has a 240-960mm equivalent.

egret_fish_01 egret_fish_02

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March 6th, 2015 by grant

This year for my birthday Sandy made reservations at the Bodega Bay Lodge. We could only stay 1 day but it was so relaxing. Their restaurant, the Duck Club was excellent. I had a superb lamb shank and Sandy had the sole in parchment paper, neither of which gave us diarrhea. The next morning we made a very slow drive down highway 1 through Point Reyes and Stinson Beach. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday.

bodega_bay_01 bodega_bay_02

bodega_bay_03 bodega_bay_06

bodega_bay_04 bodega_bay_05

bodega_bay_08 bodega_bay_07

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