September 5th, 2016 by grant

Just as we were getting our backyard landscaped, Jon & Kathy announced they were taking Labor Day, Doh! This year the food theme was German.


labor_day_2016_01 labor_day_2016_02

labor_day_2016_03 labor_day_2016_04

labor_day_2016_11 labor_day_2016_06

labor_day_2016_07 labor_day_2016_10

labor_day_2016_09 labor_day_2016_08


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August 27th, 2016 by grant

The sloping backyard has always been a problem with regard to mowing the grass and as I get older its more of a concern. Since the drought we have let the lawn die and it’s been looking pretty bad. Sandy had the great idea of extending the lower wall, leveling it off and planting sod. It looks great but I’m not looking forward to the water bill as we have to keep it wet til the roots grab hold.


bkyrd_lbr_01 bkyrd_lbr_02


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August 16th, 2016 by grant

Our neighbors Paul & Brenda were nice enough to invite us up to their cabin in June Lake again. This year they took us to Bodie State Historical Park.

bodie_01 bodie_03

bodie_02 bodie_05

bodie_04 bodie_06

bodie_07 bodie_08

bodie_09 bodie_10

bodie_11 bodie_12

bodie_13 bodie_14

bodie_15 bodie_16

bodie_17 bodie_18

bodie_19 bodie_20


 bodie_22 mono_cone

We also got to see Devil’s Postpile and short hike on over to Minaret Falls.

devils_postpile_01 minuet_falls_01

One of my favorite spots Mono Lake.

mono_lake_01 mono_lake_03

mono_lake_04 mono_lake_05

mono_lake_07 mono_lake_08

mono_lake_09 mono_lake_10

mono_lake_11 mono_lake_12

mono_lake_14 mono_lake_13

You could see the stars at night.


We did have some down time so we were taught the finer points of a game called howzit hanging.

hanging_01 hanging_02

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July 17th, 2016 by grant

I haven’t shot a portrait in awhile and I’ve been wanting to shoot Sylvia for some time now. We scouted a location right across Pier 29, that way we can eat breakfast right after the shoot. It also gave me a chance to test my Westcott XL 36″ Rapidbox & Flashpoint Streaklight 360. I ended up wasting about half an hour fumbling with my exposure, when I hit my frustration threshold I decided to ditch it and go back to my tried and true Canon 600EX-RT. That’s when I discovered I forgot to remove the metal bulb protector (Doh). In the process I forgot to reinstall the outside diffusion panel on the softbox that gave me a band of hot light on the bottom of every frame which I didn’t notice til I got home. So most of the 1st location shots got thrown out.


sylvia_02 sylvia_03

sylvia_04 sylvia_05

sylvia_06 sylvia_07

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July 10th, 2016 by grant

We haven’t been to the SJ Obon in quite awhile so this year we checked it out. Nico Bleeko was hamming it up for the camera so of course I forgot about everyone else.

obon_01 obon_02

obon_03 obon_04 obon_05

obon_06 obon_07

obon_08 obon_09

obon_10 obon_11

obon_12 obon_13

obon_14 obon_15


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July 9th, 2016 by grant

Saw a Bacon & Asparagus Dutch Baby recipe on youtube. So I had to try it.


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July 9th, 2016 by grant

Had to go up the coast to Gualala for work and as usual had to take some photos.

sonoma_coast_01 stillwater_bch_01


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July 4th, 2016 by grant

I’ve heard that the Alameda 4th of July parade is the longest in the country. We haven’t been to the parade in years but when we heard Noah’s school was having a float we had to go. We only stayed an hour, there was plenty of interesting people to shoot but the hot weather was a deterrent.

parade_01 parade_02

parade_04 parade_03 parade_05

parade_06 parade_07

parade_08 parade_09

parade_11 parade_10

parade_12 parade_15

parade_13 parade_14

parade_16 parade_17

parade_18 parade_21

parade_19 parade_20

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June 7th, 2016 by grant

Day 6: Crans Montana, Switzerland.  We took the subway to the train station to pick up our rental vans. Once again the bait and switch. Instead of three full-size vans, Hertz gave us 3 mini vans. It wasn’t possible to fit everyone and their luggage in these small vehicles. Luckily, Joan was able to pull some strings and we got another small van (free) but that meant Aunty Irma had to drive. The 6-hour drive to the chalet was taxing, not to mention navigating some of the narrowest roads I’ve seen! But we made it and the dinner at Burger Lounge was a welcome treat. Before arriving at La Grande Baronne though, we had to brave a single lane uphill suicide road in the dark.

The 1st morning we spotted a spiral horn antelope, Sandy named her Annie. I think she was looking for her Father who was mounted on our wall above the stairs.

la_baronne_01 antelope_01

la_baronne_02 la_baronne_03

la_baronne_04 la_baronne_05

la_baronne_06 la_baronne_07

We also celebrated Uncle Peyton’s Birthday.

la_baronne_08 la_baronne_09

la_baronne_11 la_baronne_10

Day 7: Free day. I was always one of the 1st to awake every morning. After I made myself a cup of coffee, I would enter the living room to take in this spectacular view of the Swiss Alps.


Then I’d look to the left to view Jon & Kathy’s room with the growing collection of Gavin’s crap bags. Next time I’ll book a Motel 6.

crap_01 crap_02 crap_03

We ate lot at the chalet and like so many other times I forgot to photograph it.

Day 8: Lunch and a tour at La Maison De Gruyeres factory.

gruyeres_05 gruyeres_02

gruyeres_01 gruyeres_04

What to do after eating cheese? Tour the Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory!

cailler_01 cailler_05

cailler_04 cailler_03

cailler_02 cailler_06



Day 9: After breakfast we took a train ride to the town of Zermatt which is set below Das Matterhorn. Lunch was at Hornli Beck, the salmon crepes were excellent.

zermatt_01 zermatt_02

zermatt_03 zermatt_04

zermatt_05 zermatt_06

zermatt_07 zermatt_08

zermatt_09 zermatt_10

zermatt_12 zermatt_11

zermatt_14 zermatt_13

zermatt_15 zermatt_17

zermatt_18 zermatt_19

zermatt_20 zermatt_21

zermatt_16 zermatt_22

Day 10: My turn to make breakfast or so I thought. Just minutes after consuming a croissant, smoked salmon & scrambled egg, I got a nasty bout of food poisoning. I spent the next 3o minutes barfing while Sandy stood outside the bathroom googling food poisoning.

Day 11: We drove to Montreaux to check out Lake Geneva. Who knew this city was home to Freddie Mercury?

lake_geneva_01 lake_geneva_04

lake_geneva_03 lake_geneva_02

We took the 2-hour boat cruise around the lake, which was very relaxing.

lake_geneva_05 lake_geneva_06

lake_geneva_07 lake_geneva_12

lake_geneva_11 lake_geneva_10 lake_geneva_09 lake_geneva_08


Day 12: With a free morning we made a last minute decision to jump into the jacuzzi. It was well worth it as my back was killing me.


A group celebration lunch was scheduled at Le Petit Paradis. We decided to walk as the restaurant was 500 meters from the house and the weather was pleasant. Whoops almost stepped on a snake.

la_petit_02 la_petit_01

la_petit_03 la_petit_04

Our final dinner was at Cafe Restaurant Le Rothorn. I was so hungry I could eat a horse. So I did and it was really good.

last_day_02 last_day_03

Last opportunity to take a group shot.

La Baronne 1200

Day 13: Travel back home or so we thought. We got delayed in Zurich and missed our connection in Frankfurt, so we had to spend the night. We never ventured out of the Inter City Hotel. The bathrooms were ultra modern but the toilet seat was too high. I couldn’t live there.

bathroom_02 bathroom

After a very long flight with some inconsiderate passengers, we made it back to SFO. The Super Shuttle ride back to Alameda was the most hair raising experience, but we were glad to be home.

Thanks to Sandy for contributing photos for this posting.

I used a Sony RX100IV & Canon EOS-M3 this trip, oh and Sandy’s iPhone.


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June 5th, 2016 by grant

This year we went on another “big” vacation setup by Jon & Joan. They arranged for us to go to Germany & Switzerland with the family. The departure day arrived all too soon and I went through my usual dilemma, my luggage packed full of camera gear and no clothes. I slowly started the inevitable task of swapping clothes for tripods & strobes. My bag topped off at 49.3 lbs.

Monday 5/16 our Super Shuttle driver is early. This created the 1st of many stressers.

The 11-hour Lufthansa flight out of SFO to MUN was as one would expect long & boring. There were a total of three babies on board: one had a melt down, the second screamed in chorus & Gavin hardly made a sound. This would be the norm for the entire vacation. Upon arrival in Munich we discovered a switch in transportation to the hotel. Instead of a large bus it was 2 small vans. This transportation bait and switch would be a regular occurring event.

kathy_jon_gavin_01 jon_gavin_01

Every morning I awoke to this light fixture on our ceiling. This explains why the entire time in Germany I craved a bundt cake.

blauer_bock_02 blauer_bock_01

The Blauer Bock hotel was in a great location in Munich, it was walking distance to so many sights.

munich_02 munich_01

munich_04 munich_03

munich_05 munich_06

Dinner on our 1st night was at Wirtshaus zum Straubinger. The crispy pork knuckle was excellent and the dark beer & soft pretzels quickly became my favorite.

beer_01 pork_menu

wirshaus_01 wirshaus_02 wirshaus_03

Day 2: Munich. Our days always began with a wonderful breakfast buffet at the hotel. The layout was quite impressive, though I forgot to photograph most of it.

brkfst_01 brkfst_02

Next it was on to the famous Viktualienmarkt, which is a very large open market with a huge beer garden in the center. The produce there was incredible.

viktualienmarket_01 viktualienmarket_02

at the Viktualienmarket

What’s up with the green cheese & red eggs?

viktualienmarket_03 viktualienmarket_04

viktualienmarket_11 viktualienmarket_10

It was asparagus season and we saw it everywhere including the menus. They love their white asparagus.

viktualienmarket_09 viktualienmarket_08

viktualienmarket_07 viktualienmarket_06


A short walk brought us to Marienplatz which is the heart of the city. We went up the New Town Hall for some spectacular views of the city and then descended to watch the Rathaus Glockenspiel.

marienplatz_01 marienplatz_02

marienplatz_03 marienplatz_04

marienplatz_05 marienplatz_06

marienplatz_07 marienplatz_08

marienplatz_09 marienplatz_10

marienplatz_12 marienplatz_11

I can’t go too long without eating. Thankfully, lunch was arranged for us at the Ratskeller. I had pork cheeks with white asparagus. This would be a good time to mention the obsession Europeans had with Gavin. Everyone wanted to hold him.

ratskeller_01 ratskeller_02

ratskeller_03 ratskeller_04

After a quick nap at the hotel it was on to dinner time at Der Pschorr. The venison was so good, I’d say it was one of my favorite meals.

der_pschor_02 der_pschor_01

der_pschor_03 der_pschor_04

Day 3: Salzburg. A subway, train & bus ride brought us to Austria. This was our only bad weather day although that meant flat photos. Of special interest was Mozart’s Museum. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed.


salzburg_01 salzburg_02

salzburg_03 salzburg_04

salzburg_06 salzburg_05

salzburg_08 salzburg_07

salzburg_09 salzburg_10 salzburg_11


salzburg_14 salzburg_13

salzburg_15 salzburg_16

salzburg_17 salzburg_18

salzburg_19 salzburg_20

salzburg_21 salzburg_22jpg

salzburg_23 salzburg_24

salzburg_25 salzburg_30

salzburg_29 salzburg_28

salzburg_27 salzburg_26

Day 4: Munich. We had a free morning. Some including Sandy, went shopping. I went with the group that had lunch at the famous Munich Hofbrauhaus. After lunch, we hopped on the subway to the BMW factory tour (no photos allowed). The robotic assembly line was quite impressive.

bmw_03 bmw_02


bmw_06 bmw_04

After what seemed like a 10-mile walk (half of us went the wrong way) we arrived at our dinner spot Zum Ferdinand. Joan was reunited with her “German daughter”, Anja. She was responsible for making a lot of the reservations for us in Germany. Danke schön, Anja. Sandy loved the bacon salad.

zum_ferdinand_01 zum_ferdinand_02

zum_ferdinand_03 zum_ferdinand_04

Day 5: Munich. A 2-hour train ride and a big hike brought us to the magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle.

neuschwanstein_01 neuschwanstein_02

neuschwanstein_04 neuschwanstein_03

neuschwanstein_05 tickets

neuschwanstein_07 neuschwanstein_06

We had free night & decided to go off on our own for dinner. We ended up in Andechser am Dom. The place was filled with locals and as it is customary, we did the community seating thing. Duck & dark beer was in order for me. Later, our table mates warmed up to us and even helped Sandy with her meal (which mustard goes better with the sausage and sausage must be enjoyed with bread). We bought them a beer as we left.

Thanks to Sandy & Uncle Peyton for the photos.

Next stop Switzerland…

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May 10th, 2016 by grant

Had the day off and found some bugs laying around.


brn_spider_01 beetle_01

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April 17th, 2016 by grant

I photographed Noah playing Tee Ball today.

noah_t_ball_06 noah_t_ball_01

noah_t_ball_05 noah_t_ball_04

noah_t_ball_13 noah_t_ball_03

noah_t_ball_07 noah_t_ball_08

noah_t_ball_09 noah_t_ball_10

noah_t_ball_11 noah_t_ball_02


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April 16th, 2016 by grant

Caught a moth last night so I had to photograph em.


moth_close_01 moth_close_02

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April 16th, 2016 by grant

Last night we went to San Francisco City Hall to photograph the bunny exhibit.

bunnies_01 bunnies_02

bunnies_03 bunnies_04

bunnies_05 bunnies_06

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April 5th, 2016 by grant

This burd will not give up. Every morning it tries to break into our house via the window. I’ve also become obsessed with photographing it.


diving_burd _03 diving_burd _02

Actually I think it’s just a youngster and it enjoys playing at the window every morning.

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