Bloody Moon

The newscasters kept reporting the coast was not the place to be, but I was too lazy to drive. The moon was barely visible, so all I got was a crappy out of focus (shooting through a fence) photo. Later I was able to view it in my backyard without the marine layer.

PTO Happy Hour

I’ve been off all week and and my blood pressure is now normal. To that I had Tom, Marika & Paul over for drinks this afternoon.

Lindsay Wildlife Experience

It’s been on my list for quite some time, so I visited.

Have I mentioned I hate shooting through glass.

1st Duckies 2022

Today I saw our 1st Duckies of the 2022 season.

Beethoven’s Emperor Piano Concerto

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Jon perform at the California Theatre… but 1st we had a wonderful Portuguese dinner at Petiscos.

Joao BBQ

My friend & co-worker Joao will be on a National Guard deployment from May to Oct so we had a little work BBQ.

Whiskey Wonderland

I took Tom to Alley & Vine for a Whiskey tasting event.