Chiu Christmas Shoot

I did my 1st photoshoot without taking my camera outta the bag. Steve asked for some assistance so we ended up using his camera the whole time.

Steve did a movie poster for us.

Sky Captures

Tonight’s sunset was incredible. I didn’t have a location in mind but I did want to test a new NiSi filter. So I captured a number of photos that I can later use in a sky replacement.

Yuen Brunch

We invited the Yuen’s over for brunch. Chicken & waffles was on the menu.

Nico didn’t finish his chicken and as a result Chris put him in an armbar until he apologized.

Point Molate Sunset

The sky looked promising so I visited Point Molate for todays sunset.

Golden Gate Excursion

Woke up early so I decided to head out to the Golden Gate Bridge lookout, but to my frustration it was closed. Plan B, go to Fort Baker.

Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery

Work brought me to Santa Rosa today.

Halloween Sunrise

Decided to shoot a sunrise at the bay bridge this morning.