September 21st, 2014 by grant

I had to spend some time training at the home office 30 minutes south of Miami. Luckily I was in the same class as my co-worker buddy Jhonathan.

miami_19 miami_06

Training was quite demanding so we didn’t go out much other than to eat dinner in the local area. Friday night Jhonathan did give me some exposure to Ecuadorian food. The last time I saw him we could not find an single place in the bay area that served Ecuadorian food.

miami_20 miami_23

Later we explored the Miami Beach scene. To my surprise it was pretty quiet. Other than the ringtail lemmer.

miami_03 miami_02

miami_01 miami_08

miami_09 miami_07

Over the weekend we did drive down to Key West which is the southern most location in the US, unfortunately I was unimpressed.

miami_21 miami_22

Wanting to take advantage of the local food scene we did our best to hit as many of the ethnic restaurants. This included Jamaican (good goat), Peruvian Polpus (octopus), Filipino, Colombian Patacones, Argentinian, Italian & Japanese.

miami_16 miami_15

miami_24 miami_10

miami_11 miami_12

miami_13 miami_17

The final day a fellow employee flying back to Australia handed me a bottle of scotch. Which we shared that evening in the breakfast room of our Holiday Inn. I ended up passing it along to an engineer who would be there another 3 weeks.


I came back home 6 lbs heavier. Other than the vast eating, the hot & humid weather prevented me from my daily walks after dinner.

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September 21st, 2014 by grant

I was reviewing some photos for a posting when I came across these unpublished works from a cloudy day in August.

pelican_cloudy_01 pelican_cloudy_02

pelican_cloudy_03 pelican_cloudy_04

pelican_cloudy_05 pelican_cloudy_06

pelican_cloudy_07 pelican_cloudy_08

pelican_cloudy_09 pelican_cloudy_10

pelican_cloudy_11 pelican_cloudy_12



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September 11th, 2014 by grant

As a civilian, I’ve always felt there isn’t much I could do to honor the 1st responders who rushed into the tragic situation of 9/11. Sandy gave me the idea to photograph our local fire department. It was my most ambitious project to date. I contacted the local fire department and made arrangements for a photo shoot last Saturday. Unfortunately there was a paramedic call just as we got there so that left only 3 firemen.

May I present to you Captain Matt Nielsen, Jeff & Stephen of Alameda Fire Station 4.


It was challenging to light up a fire engine, it took 5 speedlites, which I’ve never done. Of course that ate up quite a bit of time.

AFD_shoot_04 AFD_shoot_06

AFD_shoot_10 AFD_shoot_09

AFD_shoot_05 AFD_shoot_07

AFD_shoot_03 AFD_shoot_01

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September 2nd, 2014 by grant

We haven’t been down to see my Ma in awhile and Jon was playing in Irvine. So what better time to drive down. We arrived late Saturday with just enough time for a quick change before heading to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Jon was nice enough to get us VIP parking which made the walk from the parking lot so easy. I’ve never been to a classical music concert that had used so many video cameras during the performance.

labor_day_07 labor_day_09

labor_day_06 labor_day_08

The finale was the 1812 overture complete with cannons. This was quickly followed by a fireworks display.

Sunday we met for brunch at Brodard Chateau in Garden Grove. Irma was nice enough to join us and we left with a macaron surprise. Thanks Irma!

labor_day_01 irma_macarons

With little rest we jetted over to Ma’s place to get ready for dinner. I shot some portraits but because of the heat, everyone came out shiny.

ryan_daniel_janet ryan_daniel

karen_dave jon_kathy

janet_ernie cheryl_terry

cari_tom sandy_g_phyllis

We said goodbye on Monday morning and straight north to have brunch with Tawny & Drew. We got to check out their new place but I forgot to take a single photo. With food never far from our minds we went to Lamill Coffee.


Cafe' con leche labor_day_11

labor_day_12 labor_day_13

With all this incredible eating we finished our long weekend trip with dinner at In N Out Burger.

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August 28th, 2014 by grant

This year in celebration of our 14th year together we went to Gaspar for dinner. The food was amazing.

gaspar_01 gaspar_06

gaspar_02 gaspar_03

gaspar_04 gaspar_05

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July 26th, 2014 by grant

Up until recently I just had my camera handy near the back door in case Humphrey came along to feed. In an effort to elevate my photography, I started to light my Humphrey shots. Well of course when I set up my scene he never comes or decides to go elsewhere in the yard.

hummer_fuud_01 hummer_fuud_02

hummer_fuud_03 humphrey_flower_01

Well after days of waiting & pacing I think I finally have the shot. I’m having this printed & mounted.


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July 18th, 2014 by grant

Ok the long awaited day has come Blondie has 9 new ducklings. Let’s see how long they last.

blondy_dux_01 blondy_dux_03

Uh they lasted 2 days.

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July 5th, 2014 by grant

The female ducks are eating furiously, which only means they will be giving us little duckies soon. This brings me joy, but what pi$$es me off is when their food is being stolen by evil renegade squirrels.

squirrel_thief_01 squirrel_thief_02

squirrel_thief_03 squirrel_thief_06

squirrel_thief_05 squirrel_thief_04

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June 16th, 2014 by grant

Someone likes it over here. Guess we have better sashimi, less traffic, better schools & lower taxes than that other lagoon.

gbh_hm_04 gbh_hm_01

gbh_hm_02 gbh_hm_03

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June 14th, 2014 by grant

Last night I heard there was going to be a fireworks display after the game. It took almost an hour for the action to start. My little G1X2 did alright. Unfortunately they all pretty much look  the same. So I’ll just post this.


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June 14th, 2014 by grant

Apparently this side of the lagoon has the best fishing spot. The Great Blue Heron has been back everyday now. So the story unfolds as a rambunctious cormorant tries to push his way onto the spot. What follows is a very tense slow motion dance of body language, defiance and threats. To escalate things the cormorant shows ultimate disrespect to the GBH. This in turn is the crossing the line and the cormorant is cast off the best fishing spot. Sorry for the disgusting photos but I couldn’t stop laughing as this was happening.

fishing_spot_01 fishing_spot_02

fishing_spot_03 fishing_spot_04

fishing_spot_05 fishing_spot_06

fishing_spot_07 fishing_spot_08

fishing_spot_09 fishing_spot_10

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June 13th, 2014 by grant

This morning I saw a Great Blue Heron in the lagoon so I grabbed my camera and tried to get close enough for a photo. Well it must have gotten comfortable with me (they usually fly away) because it got close enough for me to get a few really tight head shots. That took about an hour by the way.

gr8t_blu_heron_09 gr8t_blu_heron_08

gr8t_blu_heron_07 gr8t_blu_heron_06

gr8t_blu_heron_05 gr8t_blu_heron_04

gr8t_blu_heron_03 gr8t_blu_heron_01

Of course I was being watched… I’ll deal with him later.


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June 11th, 2014 by grant

I chose to drive south yesterday (3 ding dang hrs). It looked promising half way down but as I got to Pfeiffer Beach it was overcast. That made for some very flat dull photos. I did manage to find a nice restaurant for dinner though.


pfeiffer_bch_04 pfeiffer_bch_02

pfeiffer_bch_03 pfeiffer_bch_05

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June 8th, 2014 by grant

Just outside our backyard was another event so decided to venture over to check out the Wiggle Waggle dog walk sponsored by FAAS. It was extremely hot I felt sorry for the dogs.

wiggle_waggle_01 wiggle_waggle_02

wiggle_waggle_03 wiggle_waggle_04

wiggle_waggle_05 wiggle_waggle_07

wiggle_waggle_08 wiggle_waggle_06 wiggle_waggle_10

wiggle_waggle_11 wiggle_waggle_12

wiggle_waggle_13 wiggle_waggle_14

wiggle_waggle_15 wiggle_waggle_16

wiggle_waggle_17 wiggle_waggle_18

wiggle_waggle_19 wiggle_waggle_20

wiggle_waggle_21 wiggle_waggle_22

wiggle_waggle_23 wiggle_waggle_24

wiggle_waggle_25 wiggle_waggle_26 wiggle_waggle_29

wiggle_waggle_27 wiggle_waggle_28

wiggle_waggle_30 wiggle_waggle_31

wiggle_waggle_32 wiggle_waggle_33

wiggle_waggle_34 wiggle_waggle_09

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June 8th, 2014 by grant

I have no idea who these women are or what event this is, but it woke me up so I had to shoot them. Okay after some research I found out its the Mermaid Series.

bike_ride_01 bike_ride_02

bike_ride_03 bike_ride_04

bike_ride_05 bike_ride_06

bike_ride_07 bike_ride_08

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