La Familia Glamping

Its been a few years (2017) since we did any camping with the family, so we were lucky enough to have Cait make rezzies (in March) at Costanoa KOA. Sadly Cait and family couldn’t make it.

Upon arrival we settled in and had a 6:30 appointment for wine tasting followed by a 7:30 dinner rezzie at the Casade Restaurant.

Saturday morning started out with an exploratory hike for Sandy and myself (no mountain lions seen). Then to the Pine Tent for breakfast burritos and a magically appearing bloody mary care of Chris. Lunch was at Hwy 1 Brewery and a quick stop at Gazos Creek State Beach where the boys found out how cold the ocean was. Back to the resort, the boys learned how to make journey sticks at the activities center. We got to run off and photograph Whitehouse Creek Beach.

Sunday we took a stroll to checkout the animals and the garden. I was embarrassed to take a photo of nice flower before it was pointed out to me that it was a artichoke (never seen a bloomed one). Noah was traumatized the similarity between the ever cascading goat poop and boba that he loves. A quick game of destructive chess before parting ways.

Thanks to Sandy for donating her photos.

Jim & Kelly 2022

We were overdue on our annual get together. As tradition dictates, we dined at Angel Fish. I forgot to take any photos, so I’m posting Jim’s.

Teddy & Christine 2022

The last time we saw them was 2019, before Casey was even born. So it was a good time to bring them over for lunch. Minnie Pearl is still traumatized.

Video by Christine

Mika Brunch

We got reacquaint with Mika this Sunday as she will start her studies at UC Berkeley. We choose Kitchen Story.

Oakland Zoo 2022

We haven’t been there since 2009 so what better time to go than now. The usual obstacles, fences, bad light and sleepy models. Not to mention squirrels & crows that think part of the zoo experience.

Map courtesy of the Oakland Zoo.

Pilipino Puud

We brought the Lees to Gerry’s Grill for a Filipino lunch. We haven been there in so long and it was just as I remembered. Although dammit I didn’t get a photo of Tom & Keira 😤

They were nice enough to bring over a box of Senorita Breads afterwards 😘

New Brood 2022

This morning we finally have 8 new duckies. We’ve been waiting all month. Of course as soon as they jumped into the water they were attacked by another Momma.

In the end they didn’t make it past the 48 hour mark, which is typical for inexperienced mothers. That’s why we never get too attached.

Harrigan Goodbye

Paul & Brenda are moving to NV and today is their farewell party they asked we keep it simple, so a 🍕 party was called for. I forgot to take any photos😤. As a parting gift they gave Sandy a Meyer lemon tree… and I got a bag of dirt.

Underneath the bag of dirt was a bottle of scotch.