Safari West 2021

We made rezzies at Safari West a number of months ago with the idea that this would be our Anniversary outing. The lack of availability meant we had to wait til September.

On the way up we took a detour to Willi’s Wine Bar for lunch. It was well worth it.

We stayed in a great tent that was quite comfortable. Of note the animals are quite loud at night and the early morning. On the photography front, the fencing/cages were my nemesis. Therefore I didn’t shoot some of the creatures.

Canon M6 II

Upgraded my M5 to a M6 mark II, out with the old…


We were in San Diego this past weekend and Rhea taught me how to make gin via a kit. I choose lavender for my infusion. I can’t say the color is traditional.

Nervous Nellie

As far as we can tell there are only 3 hummers that visit our feeder. One in particular refuses to sit on the feeder perch, instead it’s in constant flight. I call her Nervous Nellie and Sandy calls her Germie, as she thinks it doesn’t like a “dirty” perch. I like Nellie because the hummer in flight looks much better in photos.


Our old grill has been through the ringer so while the backorder was long we finally got a Napoleon. Out with the old and in with the new and the first thing Sandy requested was steak! I forgot to photograph it.

Territorial Rights

I was just trying to get a few shots of Humphrey when violence erupted. I heard hummingbirds are very territorial, but getting grabbed by your beak and thrown off your seat?

I will attempt to negotiate a nectar feeding treaty between the two parties but the hatered goes pretty deep.

Feeding time

I don’t think the duckies had any idea how close they came to getting eaten.

Getting my ducks in a row

The new duckies were frolicking around.