June 5th, 2010 by grant

I’ve had my eye-pad for a month now and I thought I would share my feelings.

eye_pad_01_sm eye_pad_02_sm

Things I like:

Battery life – It’s advertised as a 10 hour battery. While I haven’t performed a timed test I’ve been pleased with the battery life.

Graphics – Love the graphics display especially for showing photos.

Speed – The 1GHz A4 is peppy enough for my needs. I’m not a gamer and never played games on my home PC, but I have to admit I been toying with some since I got my eye-pad.

Instant on – This is the best feature. I use it to instantly check my email. If I could rid of my laptop I would, it seems to take forever to boot and check email and it weighs a ton compared to my eye-pad.

Data plan – You can sign up and change your data plan very easily on the eye-pad, right from the settings tab.

Things I don’t like:

I use more data than I planned, which is not the eye-pad’s fault. The 250MB a month for $14.99 went by way too quick and I had to upgrade to the $29.99 unlimited plan.

iTunes is problematic with regard to syncing… well at least on my PC. My music/data is on a external 2TB Drobo drive which could be the reason.

While I love the touchscreen interface the finger smudges are distracting especially when viewing the aforementioned photos.

I have to fight Sandy to use it… share dear!

It’s a bit pricey but I did get the top of the line model.

Since I don’t see very many eye-pads its an attention magnet and I hold on to it tightly. I’m reluctant to hand it over when people ask about it.

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  1. AT&T seems to be killing the unlimited plan. See this.

    Will users who already have the plan be grandfathered in?

  2. Oh – from the article, I see that you WILL be able to keep the unlimited plan. Yay.

  3. i played with my friend’s in Madrid…not completely sold yet, as i need an upgrade from my 5 y/o macbook and toying with the idea of a pro vs air vs ipad. decisions decisions…

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