June 15th, 2010 by grant

With the advent of the eye-pad, we’ve been spending our nights challenging ourselves with various games. This exercises our minds but neglects the body. So today, we invented Scrabble Stairmaster. We simply start a “pass n play” scrabble match. Sandy is downstairs and I am upstairs. When you finish your word you have to transverse the stairs to pass the eye-pad to your opponent. Now my cerebral cortex and my rectus femoris hurt.


8 Responses to “Scrabble Stairmaster”

  1. DIDO doesn’t count! No names of people! Read instructions please!

  2. DIDO, per Merriam Webster, means a mischievous or capricious act.

    Oh and Scrabble will take SANDY too…but not FREDA. Sorry bud.

  3. Whatttt! FREDA means Peace in German! Xoxo.

  4. Piece of what?

  5. Peace-ful. Piece of the pie? Hahaha?

  6. GG…I need to go back to work soon…or take a vaca there…hmmm…which one…u ready for more in-laws?

  7. ‘HOES’ hahaha

  8. How long before Sandy gets her own iPad?

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