August 21st, 2018 by grant

Just gotta new Tenor ukulele from Tyde Music. A truly unique piece.

March 5th, 2018 by grant

Stumbled onto this via youtube. Jon playing my favorite piece.

November 25th, 2015 by grant

I watched Jon play last Friday in Fremont. I would struggle to explain the experience to anyone. It’s one thing to listen to a CD, but to be there live and witness his speed & accuracy you can’t fully comprehend it. I would give my left arm to have a tenth of this talent… oh wait if I didn’t have a left arm I couldn’t play ukulele.


June 1st, 2015 by grant

The last time I shot a couple of casual snap shots of the Farallon Quintet I really blew it. So tonight I had to redeem myself at the Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco.

farallon_03 farallon_07

farallon_04 farallon_05

farallon_06 farallon_02



May 24th, 2015 by grant

This past weekend we got quite a treat when we followed Jon up to Calistoga for a private concert at Jessica’s Barn. The concert was held in … a barn. The sound was not bad considering the venue. We also got to meet the Farallon Quintet. I had a flash issue which caused the group photos to be hidden from the view of anyone on this planet. Meanwhile as usual we meet the nicest folks when we tag along with Jon. Our host Michael Savage was kind enough to feed us dinner. He makes an incredible Cabernet by the way.

We spent the night in Santa Rosa and met up with Jon & Kathy for lunch at a lovely place in St Helena, the Goose and Gander. I had a great octopus dish and the dessert beet cake (no photo) was incredible.


Radish Salad Octopus

September 2nd, 2014 by grant

We haven’t been down to see my Ma in awhile and Jon was playing in Irvine. So what better time to drive down. We arrived late Saturday with just enough time for a quick change before heading to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Jon was nice enough to get us VIP parking which made the walk from the parking lot so easy. I’ve never been to a classical music concert that had used so many video cameras during the performance.

labor_day_07 labor_day_09

labor_day_06 labor_day_08

The finale was the 1812 overture complete with cannons. This was quickly followed by a fireworks display.

Sunday we met for brunch at Brodard Chateau in Garden Grove. Irma was nice enough to join us and we left with a macaron surprise. Thanks Irma!

labor_day_01 irma_macarons

With little rest we jetted over to Ma’s place to get ready for dinner. I shot some portraits but because of the heat, everyone came out shiny.

ryan_daniel_janet ryan_daniel

karen_dave jon_kathy

janet_ernie cheryl_terry

cari_tom sandy_g_phyllis

We said goodbye on Monday morning and straight north to have brunch with Tawny & Drew. We got to check out their new place but I forgot to take a single photo. With food never far from our minds we went to Lamill Coffee.


Cafe' con leche labor_day_11

labor_day_12 labor_day_13

With all this incredible eating we finished our long weekend trip with dinner at In N Out Burger.

May 15th, 2014 by grant

Jon has a concert in San Jose this weekend so he was nice enough to let me shoot a few pix while he practiced. This is my usual view when I get the chance to watch Jon play.


Today I got stage access! Time was limited and as usual I spent way too much time fiddling with my lights.

jon_california_theater_02 jon_california_theater_05


January 26th, 2014 by grant

We had a nice reunion this afternoon. It’s probably been 10 years since I’ve seen my former bandmates.

VY9A2276_med VY9A2284_med

VY9A2291_med VY9A2294_med

VY9A2295_med VY9A2296_med

VY9A2298_med VY9A2306_med VY9A2300_med

VY9A2301_med VY9A2303_med VY9A2305_med

VY9A2308_med VY9A2310_med

VY9A2313_med VY9A2317_med

September 21st, 2012 by grant

I ferried in this evening to see the San Francisco Symphony perform a free outdoor concert. Unfortunately I got there so late it was impossible to get a good seat let alone a good photo. With that in mind we decided to grab a little something to eat. Pizza Orgasmica just off the Embarcadero! We did manage to see the parrots of Telegraph Hill but my little G1X was not up to the task. There were about 20 in a tree and soon as I turned my camera off they all flew! Got to learn that patience thing.

August 14th, 2012 by grant

Last night we went to the Mountain Winery to see Heart perform. The show was excellent.