April 26th, 2009 by grant

Today we celebrated Caitlin’s birthday at our home in Alameda. The sun was out but it was a bit windy so we crowded in our dining area to enjoy a meal together. We gave diners the choice of  Ribeye Steak accompanied by mashed potatoes loaded with 3 cheezes and bacon, grilled asparagus, or Halibut on […]

April 24th, 2009 by grant

We’ve all seen driving down I5. I thought I would stop this time and take a photo. Hard to get a good angle though.

April 22nd, 2009 by grant

I spent a good portion of my day out in the backyard shooting photos of birds. It was my 1st test of my new Canon 100-400m IS Lens. It performed quite well.

April 14th, 2009 by grant

I’ve been wanting to go here ever since I saw the photos from Google Earth. This is a hard place to describe. It’s a dog park, junkyard, urban art gallery, homeless camp kinda place. I was inspired by Tawny’s graffiti hike. I strolled the wilderness looking for and finally finding the most unusual artwork.

April 12th, 2009 by grant

Sandy asked me to post her panorama of Mommie at work.

April 12th, 2009 by grant

Today I met Chris & Tami’s new puppy Koa, the snoring, farting Frenchie. She so damn cute! She’ll howl until you pick her up just so she can fall asleep in your lap.

April 12th, 2009 by grant

When I went to the airport to pick up Sandy I ran up to the top floor of the parking garage to shoot this pano.  I got in trouble for being late, but panos are important.

April 10th, 2009 by grant

Sandy came back from the Philippines with a camera full of photos.

April 7th, 2009 by grant

This is located right off of 101 and Alum Rock. I drove by so many times, well I finally stopped by last night to shoot a quick photo.

April 3rd, 2009 by grant

Today was a full day, got home past 10p after hanging out with Dido & family. Before that, I dropped in at SEC to attend noon mass with Mom. Then we met Dad for lunch at a Japanese restaurant. To torture me, he had uni and toro. I had ika. Mommy liked the edamame. Then […]