March 5th, 2012 by grant

Today marks my 51st Birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the day off so I figured I’d treat myself throughout the day. My morning started with Sandy handing me a lovely heart felt Birthday card.

After a call in Rancho Cordova I stumbled upon a Pho eatery and while the Pho was just ok this poster on the wall caught my attention (you have to say it fast). After I got home I had to make my own Bday dinner… Mmmm gotta be ribeye steak with shitake mushroom gravy. I was so focused on the gravy I forgot about the asparagus. We’ll eat it tomorrow.

3 Responses to “51 yrs”

  1. Happy Birthday, GG!!

    Ninang, I need a card just like that.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Uncle Grant! =P

  3. Phoking 51.

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