August 31st, 2008 by grant

This year we kept it small. I worked during the food preparation period so I’m stealing some photos from Jon. We prepared pulled pork & deep fried turkey with sides. Desert was grilled pineapple and croissant bread pudding topped with whiskey sauce. Everyone chipped in with appetizers and Cait tossed a nice spinach salad.

After lunch we ended up sitting by the water just talking and laughing when we realized Jon is prone to seizures when he stares into the sun without proper eye protection.

Before we knew it dinnertime came so we reheated lunch and threw one of those backyard ducks on the grill. Finally we kicked everyone out around 8:30PM. We had a great time thanks to everyone.

2 Responses to “Labor Day Picnic”

  1. I think Jon should use the “Thriller” picture for the cover of his next album…

    Thanks for a GREAT Labor Day celebration! I was wondering what happened to the third duck… now I know. Everything was delish as usual.

  2. Ooh. So sorry I missed that pulled pork! Yum!

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