October 13th, 2014 by grant

This past Saturday we witnessed the wedding of Mary Ann (Bunny) & Quan. The ceremony was at the Five Wounds Church. It was a full catholic mass… in Vietnamese. Not wanting to step on the hired photog toes I only shot a couple.

mary_ann_wed_01 mary_ann_wed_07a

mary_ann_wed_04 mary_ann_wed_05

mary_ann_wed_02 mary_ann_wed_06
Reception was held at the Dolce Hayes Mansion.

mary_ann_wed_10 mary_ann_wed_11

mary_ann_wed_11a mary_ann_wed_32

mary_ann_wed_23 mary_ann_wed_22 mary_ann_wed_21

mary_ann_wed_12 mary_ann_wed_29 mary_ann_wed_31

mary_ann_wed_33 mary_ann_wed_34

mary_ann_wed_20 mary_ann_wed_19 mary_ann_wed_30


mary_ann_wed_27 mary_ann_wed_26 mary_ann_wed_25

mary_ann_wed_13 mary_ann_wed_16

mary_ann_wed_14 mary_ann_wed_15

mary_ann_wed_35 mary_ann_wed_24 mary_ann_wed_28

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