January 28th, 2015 by grant

While she passed away back in November we finally put Grandma Maeda to rest. She made it to 102, which is incredible these days. Sadly it was probably the last time we will all get together.

Grandma_Card_03 grandma_01a

I did not feel right taking photos at the funeral, as it just feels too morbid. Afterwards we put Grandma next to Grandpa in a very informal ceremony.

grandma_01 grandma_02


Afterwards we converged at Christy’s place for food & drinks.

grandma_04 grandma_18

grandma_17 grandma_16

grandma_15 grandma_14

grandma_13 grandma_12

grandma_11 grandma_10

grandma_09 grandma_08

grandma_07 grandma_06

grandma_05a grandma_19

I did my best to shoot portraits of everyone but my G1X2 doesn’t have a viewfinder and the glare on the LCD was really strong. That coupled with the usually flawless ETTL flash system was not giving consistent results. Nothing is ever easy. That is Diamond Head in the background BTW.

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