January 30th, 2015 by grant

Sylvia a family friend, asked me to photograph her glass art work. Thinking it would be a snap I quickly agreed. I found out the hard way that shooting glass is really difficult. Her work is beautiful so I wanted to do it justice. The wave sculpture below would not accept any side light as it would cast shadows in between the blue vertical stripes. In the end I used butterfly lighting.

wave_close_2 wave_far wave_close_1

For the cityscape I setup side lighting to get a rim on the edges of the buildings to give it depth.

cityscape_wide cityscape_close

I learned a lot and if there is a next time maybe it won’t take me 3 hrs. Sylvia generously gave me several sweet treats and a lovely glass platter as a reward. This is lit from below via an LED panel with a piece of diffusion plastic in between. Fill was then provided from above.

cookie_plate_02 cookie_plate_03 cookie_plate_01

2 Responses to “Glass Woes”

  1. You’re gettin’ pretty good at all this picture taking business! Nice.

  2. Great shots!

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