June 6th, 2015 by grant

This year for Sandy’s Birthday we drove down to Big Sur. 1st stop McWay Falls, a very iconic spot but without beach access you can only shoot it from so many angles.


mcway_falls_01 mcway_falls_02

mcway_falls_05 mcway_falls_04

It’s a shame not to use this jacuzzi tub, but both of us were thinking about how much water it would use.


For Saturday lunch I got reservations at the Sierra Mar Restaurant. The food was amazing!

sierra_mar_01 sierra_mar_02

sierra_mar_03 sierra_mar_07

sierra_mar_04 sierra_mar_05

sierra_mar_08 sierra_mar_09


2 Responses to “Sandy’s Birthday 2015”

  1. Luv the pics! Happy birthday buds!

  2. Beautiful G Goya photos as always! Happy Birthday, Sandy!

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