July 19th, 2015 by grant

This year’s reunion was here in San Francisco. Friday night was the dinner party at the Hilton by SFO.


The family was so big I had to shoot a 2 photo pano. I had forgotten to bring an omnidirectional light modifier and only had a softbox. No stress there.

barin_07 barin_04

barin_03 barin_06

barin_08 barin_09

barin_10 barin_11

barin_01 barin_12

barin_22 barin_20

barin_13 barin_14

barin_23 barin_25

barin_26 barin_53

barin_56 barin_54

barin_58 barin_60

barin_62 barin_61

barin_64 barin_63

barin_67 barin_66

Saturday was the picnic at Frontierland in Pacifica.

barin_28 barin_29

barin_30 barin_31

barin_32 barin_33

barin_34 barin_36

barin_35 barin_37

barin_38 barin_51

barin_40 barin_41

barin_42 barin_43

barin_44 barin_45

barin_46 barin_47

barin_48 barin_49

barin_50 barin_52

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  1. Looks like a great and fun reunion!

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