May 10th, 2009 by grant

This year we didn’t have the advantage of having my cousin Jimi the professional chef, so we all had to step up and create a dish for our Mum’s Day 6 course brunch. After all the eating, it turned into a dog day afternoon with all the attention on Koa & Coyote Baker.


mums_02_sm mums_03_sm mums_04_sm

mums_05_sm mums_06_sm mums_07_sm

mums_08_sm mums_09_sm mums_10_sm

mums_11_sm mums_12_sm mums_13_sm

3 Responses to “Mum’s Day 2009”

  1. Wow. The food looks fabulous!!! Yum!! Too bad there’s also all these ding dang dog pictures. :p

  2. We needed the dogs to keep the the moms’ laps warm.

  3. fun times! delicious times! where’s the photo of the 5 pounds of mac salad?!

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