December 29th, 2009 by grant

Forever banished from the house for using my iron skillet to cook scrambled eggs! I got so mad I put his butt on a plane to the Philippines! He’s never allowed back. Just joking.

Geo’s vacation sadly had to come to an end. We ate at Firewood Grill at the international terminal. Sandy munched on the Capellini, I had the Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken and Geo had a burger. Then we said our sad goodbyes.


geo_01_sm geo_03_sm

geo_05_sm geo_04_sm

4 Responses to “Geo’s outta here”

  1. Omg… I forgot to warn him about what you did to me after I tried to use your ‘special jack knife’ to open a balikbayan box! Sorry B-i-L, no matter what you do… we will keep going back to your lovely home!
    Thanks again to you and Vee for adopting Geo.

  2. Damn, thought I scared you guys off. I’ll try harder next time.

  3. f2, 1600 ISO. Looks pretty good! How ’bout a review of the S90? 🙂

  4. Just for you I’ll write one up.

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