August 22nd, 2007 by grant

Sandy has been working long and hard recently so I decided to make her some comfort food for dinner tonight… Chicken Pot Pie. Uh ok actually it’s my comfort food. Regardless she liked it!


7 Responses to “Workaholic”

  1. I’ll be working late tomorrow, too, so please think about what you’ll be cooking for dinner 😀

    Thank you hun

  2. How about a Baloney sandwich!

  3. Heh! What’s that? A cup o’ chicken!

  4. This must be contagious. My wife’s working 30 minutes late tonight too!

  5. Feed her Baloney, you gotta get tough with these women.

  6. B-i-L, I want flowers too next time you serve me dinner! Shopaholics deserve to be treated well too. Vee, inggit ako.

  7. hey…i love chicken pot pie and beef pot pie and turkey pot pie and apple pot pie…next time…got a free round trip ticket that i have to use in a year!

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