June 19th, 2010 by grant

Today Sandy picked up Tita Flor at the AmTrack station in Oakland. After some greetings we went straight to Tribu in Union City for lunch. We ordered chopsuey, tribu fried chicken, pork sisig, binagoongan fried rice, bululo soup and finished up with ube ice cream & frozen brazo.


flor_02_sm flor_04_sm

flor_05_sm flor_06_sm

flor_03_sm flor_07_sm flor_08_sm

This was followed by a quick trip to Pacific Island Super Market, where we purchased a Golden Pompano & Tuna Collar to grill for dinner.

4 Responses to “Tita Flor “No Reservations””

  1. OMG! Gained 10# just looking at the pics! Tita Flor looks wonderful! U, too…buddy…pre-lunch…post-lunch???

  2. Not to forget, we dropped in at Goldilocks for an ube roll. Or did you leave that out on purpose because you didn’t want Freda to know?

  3. Tribu… another one of the places GG doesN’T take us to…

  4. Why would you come 11,000 mi to eat at a Filipino restaurant? That’s like me going to Manila to eat at a McDonald’s!

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