December 27th, 2010 by grant

We flew into San Diego on Christmas morning for a short family visit. As usual Rhea forced me to drink too much, and I had a lot of fun (they go hand in hand). Therefore I didn’t take any photos. I will borrow Alex’s G10 when he gets up here and post his photos.

I found some…

6 Responses to “SD Christmas”

  1. absinthe all around!

  2. Forced? Is that what it’s called now? Thank you for taking the great family picture. The fun continues upon our arrival in Alameda on Wednesday. GOYA family, are you ready?

  3. Bestest pic… if only we could photoshop Dido’s family 🙂

  4. woohooo, guess who also posted!!

  5. ahhh, ummm, any chance the top family pic can also be blown up 🙂

  6. That is handled through our customer orders dept of the blog. Limit 1 to a customer so I think you have to wait til 2012.

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