January 17th, 2008 by grant

Today we decided to take advantage of San Francisco’s 7th Annual Dine About Town. We chose B44 to, “Come and take home a slice of Catalan life in Barcelona, Spain”. Of course¬†when food & alcohol are involved… we have to invite Jim & Kelly.

dine_01_sm.jpg dine_02_sm.jpg dine_03_sm.jpg

dine_04_sm.jpg dine_05_sm.jpg

dine_06_sm.jpg dine_07_sm.jpg

dine_08_sm.jpg dine_09_sm.jpg

dine_10_sm.jpg dine_11_sm.jpg

2 Responses to “Dine About Town Vol 1”

  1. That was fun. Thanks for BARTing in y’all.

  2. Yes – a blast! The food was yummy, and as always, the company was grant. I mean grand.

    Your foodie friends, thedude and Kellster.

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