January 21st, 2008 by grant

Today Sandy had the day off so I showed her what life on the road for me is like. I had a call to make in Visalia. So off we went on a central valley adventure. I worked while Sandy explored the downtown area. Afterwards we stopped at the Bravo Cheese Factory and Cafe 99 in Traver for some shopping and lunch. Traver is just a small gas station/diner town but it had most interesting decor, both live and stuffed. BTW I did come home with some curds!

traver_05_sm.jpg traver_06_sm.jpg traver_07_sm.jpg

traver_01_sm.jpg traver_02_sm.jpg

traver_08_sm.jpg traver_09_sm.jpg traver_10_sm.jpg

traver_03_sm.jpg traver_04_sm.jpg

traver_11_sm.jpg traver_12_sm.jpg traver_13_sm.jpg

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