May 8th, 2011 by grant

This year to celebrate Mutha’s Day, we procured a whole roasted piggy.  To serve alongside that, we had grilled golden pompano, steamed mussels, green mango salad with shrimp, Hawaiian mac salad, garlic bokchoy. For apps, Jen brought SPAM musubi & tuna poke. Cait made a lovely plate of homemade hummus & pita breads. For desert, we served grilled pineapple, croissant bread pudding with a Jack Daniels sauce & macapuno ice cream.

Today’s lunch coincided with a Jon concert in Santa Rosa. So Aunty Karen & Aunty Sachi were in Santa Rosa. As if that would be better than lunch over here. Meanwhile Tami gave birth while in LA and could not travel. Then Rick got sick because Jen made him do yardwork all day yesterday. So we were a small crowd. All the more attention we can give to Aunty Janet & Aunty Amy.

We’re both so tired but it was all worth it.

We’ll be eating pork soup, pork salad, pork sandwiches & pork pudding for the next 2 weeks.

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  1. thanks grant and sandy for putting together a fantastic mother’s day gathering. the food was delicious! just looking at the dessert photo is making me hungry again. and the company was lovely too, didn’t miss them nakamatsus at all (j/k)

    btw, i promise not to make rick doing any yard work before our next gathering.

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