September 10th, 2016 by grant

Its been so long since we’ve all been together. We met at Umami Burger in Oakland.

umami_01 umami_02

umami_03 umami_04

August 16th, 2016 by grant

Our neighbors Paul & Brenda were nice enough to invite us up to their cabin in June Lake again. This year they took us to Bodie State Historical Park.

bodie_01 bodie_03

bodie_02 bodie_05

bodie_04 bodie_06

bodie_07 bodie_08

bodie_09 bodie_10

bodie_11 bodie_12

bodie_13 bodie_14

bodie_15 bodie_16

bodie_17 bodie_18

bodie_19 bodie_20


 bodie_22 mono_cone

We also got to see Devil’s Postpile and short hike on over to Minaret Falls.

devils_postpile_01 minuet_falls_01

One of my favorite spots Mono Lake.

mono_lake_01 mono_lake_03

mono_lake_04 mono_lake_05

mono_lake_07 mono_lake_08

mono_lake_09 mono_lake_10

mono_lake_11 mono_lake_12

mono_lake_14 mono_lake_13

You could see the stars at night.


We did have some down time so we were taught the finer points of a game called howzit hanging.

hanging_01 hanging_02

July 14th, 2015 by grant

Our neighbors Paul & Brenda were gracious enough to invite us to their cabin at June Lake this past weekend.

june_lake_02 june_lake_04

june_lake_01 june_lake_34

june_lake_37 june_lake_53


Silver Lake

june_lake_03 june_lake_36

Sunday was church day in Lee Vining.

june_lake_07 june_lake_35

While the others were at church, I shot some beat up old houses nearby.

june_lake_05 june_lake_06

Then it was on to Mono Lake. A very unusual place. Highly recommended, just go there when the light is good.

june_lake_08 june_lake_09

june_lake_42 june_lake_43

june_lake_10 june_lake_11

june_lake_12 june_lake_13

june_lake_14 june_lake_15

june_lake_16 june_lake_17

june_lake_18 june_lake_19

Back to the cabin for happy hour.

june_lake_44 june_lake_45

june_lake_20 june_lake_21

june_lake_22 june_lake_33

They call this the Jesus rock (above). Can you see the profile?

june_lake_23 june_lake_24

june_lake_25 june_lake_46 june_lake_47

We also took a very relaxing trip on rafts into June Lake. I almost died as I tried to jump into the raft and went face 1st into the 3 ft deep stream. What do friends do when you have a life threatening experience, point & laugh or grab a photo? They did both.

june_lake_49 june_lake_50

We stopped by Yosemite on the way back home. 1st stop Tuolumne Meadows.

june_lake_27 june_lake_28


After a lovely lunch we headed up to Olmstead Point. We had a wonderful weekend.

june_lake_29 june_lake_41

june_lake_39 june_lake_30

june_lake_31 june_lake_32

june_lake_40 june_lake_51

June 12th, 2015 by grant

Tonight we met Jim & Kelly at Ozumo in Oakland for the Japanese Beer month dinner. 6 courses and they were all wonderful. The dessert/beer combo was the big surprise.

Blue Fin Tuna Belly, Golden Caviar & Pickled Vegetable Tama No Megumi Tokyo Pale Ale

Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager Salt Cured Mackerel, Momiji Oroshi, Fried Lemon & Passion Fuit Gelee

Kurobuta Pork, Green Tea Mustard & Crisy Quail Egg Ozeno Yukidoke IPA

Baeren Schwarz Dark Lager Sea Urchin, Snow Crab, Confit Garlic, Ginger & Inaniwa Udon Noodles

Flourless Chocolate Cake, Green Tea Ice Cream & Blueberry Compote Echigo Red Ale

ozumo_01 ozumo_12


February 14th, 2015 by grant

I have to give myself these projects in order to be a more rounded fotog. So last night I had Sandy fling some wine (backyard) in an attempt to create a heartshaped pattern in honor of V-Day. This is not original, I got the idea from Gavin Hoey via the Adorama channel on youtube. This is a 1 speedlite, 5 shot composite.


extra_swirl left_stem left_swirl

right_stem right_swirl

And no it wasn’t actually wine.

Later in the evening we had Arlene over for a Hamachi Kama dinner.



December 23rd, 2014 by grant

Last Saturday we had the honor of witnessing the wedding of Teddy & Christine. The ceremony was held at the Chapel of Our Lady in the Presdio. I figured this would be a good test for A6000.


teddy_christine_11 teddy_christine_12

teddy_christine_02 teddy_christine_03

teddy_christine_04 teddy_christine_05

teddy_christine_06 teddy_christine_08

teddy_christine_07 teddy_christine_09

October 25th, 2014 by grant

Paul & Brenda invited us to go wine tasting in Livermore. We have never been there so we jumped at the chance.

livermore_001 livermore_012

Murrietta’s Well was our first stop.

Hank Hank

On to Wente. We had to get past Hank though (major dogmeat).

livermore_005 livermore_004

Lunch was at Uncle Yu’s.

Carb Meat Cheese Puffs livermore_007

Tea Smoked Duck Crispy Eggplant

And finally Tenuta Wines.

livermore_010 livermore_011

October 13th, 2014 by grant

This past Saturday we witnessed the wedding of Mary Ann (Bunny) & Quan. The ceremony was at the Five Wounds Church. It was a full catholic mass… in Vietnamese. Not wanting to step on the hired photog toes I only shot a couple.

mary_ann_wed_01 mary_ann_wed_07a

mary_ann_wed_04 mary_ann_wed_05

mary_ann_wed_02 mary_ann_wed_06
Reception was held at the Dolce Hayes Mansion.

mary_ann_wed_10 mary_ann_wed_11

mary_ann_wed_11a mary_ann_wed_32

mary_ann_wed_23 mary_ann_wed_22 mary_ann_wed_21

mary_ann_wed_12 mary_ann_wed_29 mary_ann_wed_31

mary_ann_wed_33 mary_ann_wed_34

mary_ann_wed_20 mary_ann_wed_19 mary_ann_wed_30


mary_ann_wed_27 mary_ann_wed_26 mary_ann_wed_25

mary_ann_wed_13 mary_ann_wed_16

mary_ann_wed_14 mary_ann_wed_15

mary_ann_wed_35 mary_ann_wed_24 mary_ann_wed_28

October 10th, 2014 by grant

I haven’t shot a portrait in awhile so what better time than now! Luckily our neighbor Jennifer was willing and I asked her bring Dodger. I couldn’t have chosen a worse day. The wind prevented me from using any light modifiers on my speedlites. I was just about to send her a text message to cancel when she showed up. Ok we’re shooting bare flash and we’ll get some harsh shadows, no problem.

jen_dodger_01_md jen_dodger_02_md

Dodger was uninterested in the portrait process and it was difficult to get his attention. With most dogs I have an immediate bond. He couldn’t care less about me which was a blow to my dog ego.

September 21st, 2014 by grant

I had to spend some time training at the home office 30 minutes south of Miami. Luckily I was in the same class as my co-worker buddy Jhonathan.

miami_19 miami_06

Training was quite demanding so we didn’t go out much other than to eat dinner in the local area. Friday night Jhonathan did give me some exposure to Ecuadorian food. The last time I saw him we could not find an single place in the bay area that served Ecuadorian food.

miami_20 miami_23

Later we explored the Miami Beach scene. To my surprise it was pretty quiet. Other than the ringtail lemmer.

miami_03 miami_02

miami_01 miami_08

miami_09 miami_07

Over the weekend we did drive down to Key West which is the southern most location in the US, unfortunately I was unimpressed.

miami_21 miami_22

Wanting to take advantage of the local food scene we did our best to hit as many of the ethnic restaurants. This included Jamaican (good goat), Peruvian Polpus (octopus), Filipino, Colombian Patacones, Argentinian, Italian & Japanese.

miami_16 miami_15

miami_24 miami_10

miami_11 miami_12

miami_13 miami_17

The final day a fellow employee flying back to Australia handed me a bottle of scotch. Which we shared that evening in the breakfast room of our Holiday Inn. I ended up passing it along to an engineer who would be there another 3 weeks.


I came back home 6 lbs heavier. Other than the vast eating, the hot & humid weather prevented me from my daily walks after dinner.