November 25th, 2016 by grant

As tradition dictates we celebrated Thanksgiving at Aunty Amy’s house.

thanksgiving_2016_01 thanksgiving_2016_02

thanksgiving_2016_03 thanksgiving_2016_04

thanksgiving_2016_05 thanksgiving_2016_08

thanksgiving_2016_06 thanksgiving_2016_07

thanksgiving_2016_09 thanksgiving_2016_10

thanksgiving_2016_11 thanksgiving_2016_12

November 11th, 2016 by grant

This year I photographed the Veterans Memorial at the Mare Island Cemetery. Sadly these occasions are visited by so few.

veterans_day_2016_-01 veterans_day_2016_-02

veterans_day_2016_-04 veterans_day_2016_-07

veterans_day_2016_-05 veterans_day_2016_-06

veterans_day_2016_-08 veterans_day_2016_-03 veterans_day_2016_-11

veterans_day_2016_-09 veterans_day_2016_-10

veterans_day_2016_-12 veterans_day_2016_-16

veterans_day_2016_-13 veterans_day_2016_-14

veterans_day_2016_-17 veterans_day_2016_-15 veterans_day_2016_-22

veterans_day_2016_-18 veterans_day_2016_-21

veterans_day_2016_-19 veterans_day_2016_-20

veterans_day_2016_-23 veterans_day_2016_-24

veterans_day_2016_-25 veterans_day_2016_-26


September 5th, 2016 by grant

Just as we were getting our backyard landscaped, Jon & Kathy announced they were taking Labor Day, Doh! This year the food theme was German.


labor_day_2016_01 labor_day_2016_02

labor_day_2016_03 labor_day_2016_04

labor_day_2016_11 labor_day_2016_06

labor_day_2016_07 labor_day_2016_10

labor_day_2016_09 labor_day_2016_08


July 4th, 2016 by grant

I’ve heard that the Alameda 4th of July parade is the longest in the country. We haven’t been to the parade in years but when we heard Noah’s school was having a float we had to go. We only stayed an hour, there was plenty of interesting people to shoot but the hot weather was a deterrent.

parade_01 parade_02

parade_04 parade_03 parade_05

parade_06 parade_07

parade_08 parade_09

parade_11 parade_10

parade_12 parade_15

parade_13 parade_14

parade_16 parade_17

parade_18 parade_21

parade_19 parade_20

March 28th, 2016 by grant

The usual kid madness.


easter_2016_06 easter_2016_03

easter_2016_08 easter_2016_07

easter_2016_05 easter_2016_04

easter_2016_02 easter_2016_09

January 3rd, 2016 by grant

Our family holiday parties have changed quite a bit from the past. There is a constant roar of the kids running from room to room shooting each other with laser & fart guns.

nu_yrs_02 nu_yrs_03

nu_yrs_04 nu_yrs_01

December 28th, 2015 by grant

The tradition continues. Aunty Karen’s rents out Jon’s place for her party.

ikeda_couch_02 ikeda_couch_01

nico_ball_01 nico_pink_01

yuen_01 joan_01

After I shot Jasmyn’s foto I handed her my camera…

jasmyn_01 sanae_01 janet_01

russell_01 kyle_01 peyton_01

roy_01 jane_01 karen_01

December 12th, 2015 by grant

I scheduled a Christmas photoshoot with the Yuen’s. I choose a bridge behind the local shopping center. As usual nothing went as planned & we just went with the flow.


yuen_bridge_goof_01 yuen_bridge_02

yuen_bridge_03 yuen_bridge_04

yuen_bridge_07 yuen_bridge_06

yuen_bridge_09 yuen_bridge_08

yuen_bridge_05 yuen_bridge_goof_05



December 5th, 2015 by grant

Today I had an appointment to shoot Matt, Cait & Ethan.

oyar_06 oyar_05

oyar_02 oyar_04

oyar_03 oyar_01

November 27th, 2015 by grant

As tradition dictates we celebrated Thanksgiving at Aunty Amy’s house. With 4 boys & 1 more on the way the holidays will become more chaotic than ever.

thanksgiving_2015_04 thankgiving_2015_03

thankgiving_2015_01 thanksgiving_2015_10

thanksgiving_2015_09 thankgiving_2015_02

thanksgiving_2015_06 thanksgiving_2015_07

thanksgiving_2015_08 thanksgiving_2015_05